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Megamind: Definitely cries. Were it not for the symbolic rain in the movie, he would have been crying when Roxanne dumped him and he definitely sounds choked up when he realises Minion isn't in the Lair. I don't think he cries for small things - he's more likely to get angry or sulk then - but when he feels that something big is happening, especially if he can't control it/thinks he caused it, he'll cry.

Bonus note: I think fem!Megs does her best not to cry, although often she won't succeed. She doesn't want to be seen as weak or have anyone crack jokes about her only getting upset because of X dumb feminine reason.

Rapunzel: I only see her crying at the really big things, as she does in canon. Sad big things and happy big things, although she's more likely to just get wibbly at happy things and then shake it off to dance or something.

Ark: About the same as Megamind, really, although he does cry a bit easier; he's more in touch with his emotions and rarely ashamed of showing them once he's sure that Megamind isn't going to abandon him because of it.

Caroline: Never cries and if you say she did, she will punch your lights out. By which I mean yes, of course, her life sucks, but she tries to only ever cry in private, or get somewhere private if for some reason she cries in public. I think she only cries at big things and not when frustrated or angry - then she lashes out - or when she's happy - then she's a giggler.

Mercy: I think of her as being too cold and hard to cry often. I think she would have cried a bit after Edward died, even though she killed him, because they were friends and she did enjoy his company. She would cry if anything ever happened to her daughter, too. So, big things to do with her family, I guess. Otherwise she just hides it and turns the force of feeling into anger.

Maris: Again, I think she would cry if any of her friends or family were badly hurt/killed, especially if she just had to sit there and couldn't do anything rather than helping. Canon-wise, she definitely cries a lot for Twig and probably cries now and again about leaving Quint, although she doesn't regret leaving under the circumstances she did. I imagine happy cries when Keris finds her.

Twig: He can be a crier, although the older he gets the more he tries not to be. In canon, he has frustrated cries, iirc, as well as happy wibbles when he finds his father at last and frustrated/teenager cries when he feels Quint isn't treating him fairly. After Midnight Over Sanctaphrax, I imagine he at least teared up for each crewmember he lost and cried buckets when Sinew died. I... Hmm. I also like to think he gets teared up occasionally about leaving Keris behind because at least that makes him not quite as bad a father.

Bonus: Rin would cry for fallen comrades/family members, too, but would really try to hide it and is generally harder-hearted.

Hanna: I think she would cry more post-canon than before it, although both ways I see frustrated cries, especially when she couldn't achieve what Erik was demanding of her. I believe she cried when her father died, although it didn't last long - although that could have been to do with the fact she was on the run and didn't have the luxury of a long cry - and when she's super terrified in the House of Grimm, she briefly looks as though she might cry. I think that for the most part she tries to keep a lid on it to seem stronger, but around someone she trusts she would be willing to cry a little when very sad or frustrated.

Merida: THE MOVIE ISN'T OUT YET Actually idek. Probably because. Uh. The movie isn't out yet.

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Wow I can't even remember the last time I made an actual personal post on an actual personal journal. What dooooo.

WELL. I am trying to get on top of university stuff, despite being assaulted on all sides by accomodation information and scholarship applications even though I haven't even had offers from all the places I applied to yet and definitely haven't committed myself to anywhere. It's crazy.

I. Should probably try to be more organized this year, but even as I type that I know it's not going to happen. Bad habits, why you so hard to break? Maybe if I start off really organized in September at uni I can carry through. Colour-coded folders and files here I come. Until then, I will continue to rush-finish my homework in the half-hour or so before the lesson I need it for and ignore my notes entirely in favour of revising straight from the far more legible and comprehensive handouts.

Although the appeal (?) of reading my notes is that every few pages I come across some fic I wrote when I got bored with class.

RP! I am loving Stolen New York, it's fabulous, although I'm still very side-eye-y at my horrible activity level and thinking about apping someone else despite this what is even my problem I don't know. I'm favouring Justin from Grandia on the basis that he is a more sociable creature than Megamind by far, although he has a ridiculous voice and an annoying/endearing desire to BE A MAN and BE THE BEST ADVERTURER.

Also Skyrim. All the Skyrim. Give me your food and your dragons and your food and your money and your Sweet Rolls, damn it.



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